PROJECT: Data Sculpture


AUDIENCE: Trade Show Participants

COMPANY: Hypergiant

DATES: October 2017-March 2018







A New Revenue Source in a $500M


One of the more onerous aspects of owning a vehicle is the constant need for fueling. It’s a task that would be forgettable if it weren’t so omnipresent; drivers squander a considerable amount of time each year gassing up in order to travel (thereby necessitating future fueling stops). But in this age of immediate gratification and an overall drive towards automation and process elimination, why do we have to stop what we are doing in order to carry on what we were doing? Hypergiant and Shell saw a way to change the conversation.

Bosch needed an interesting way to convey the promise and potential inherent in “Smart Cities” - something that would catch the eye of convention attendees and illustrate how data informs our everyday lives. They needed a self-directed experience that captures the imagination whilst being informative and memorable. Bosch was seeking a new way of explaining the IoT in a way that feels timely, visceral, and unexpected. We all know that there is information all around us - some of it we can see and use and some of it is invisible. 

Cities are made of more than brick and mortar, or asphalt and steel. In the 21st Century, cities are made of data. 

Data can paint a picture, and a person, their devices, and their connections to a municipality can be the brush.

We call the solution a Data Blueprint.

A City Is Made of Data



This Data Blueprint, made from the careful layering of publicly available 3-D city schematics with multiple user-selected data points illustrates the depth and breadth of the city we cannot see. Personal and municipal data is coupled with the entropy generated by a million and one connected devices around us and serves to show us the reality of the Internet of Things (IoT). Further, it reveals that our environment informs us as deeply as we affect it. Finally, a machine intelligent neural net is leveraged to craft artistry from the noise. 

Through this experience, Bosch and Hypergiant do more than expose the contemporary world…

We show you the Architecture of the Future.


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